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See a full list of our most Frequently Asked Questions to help you better understand the coverages available through the ACS Insurance Program.

After you have submitted your application, as part of the underwriting process Exam One, New York Life's medical service provider, will contact you to complete a telephone interview which will include questions about your health and family history. An overview of the next steps can be found here.
It depends on the type of coverage you’re requesting. Once we receive your application, the underwriting process can take a few weeks depending on what medical requirements are requested. Keep in mind, the underwriter may require medical information from providers and financial documents. Receiving these in a timely manner can help speed up the entire process.
A rider can represent two things in respect to insurance. First, a rider is an electable benefit that you choose to add to your coverage for additional benefits and cost. Secondly, a rider can be an exclusion placed on your disability coverage due to a prior medical issue that could present problems in the future. You will be notified of any excluded conditions when coverage is approved.
Level term life insurance premiums are guaranteed to remain level for the initial 10, 15 or 20 years – dependent on which coverage you choose. The benefit amount never reduces either. Level Term Life coverages are renewable beyond the initial term at our higher non-guaranteed rates that increase annually and terminate at age 85. Traditional Term Life premiums increase in 5-year age bands. Coverage reduces beginning at age 65 and terminates at age 100.
Yes, it is. According to the policy, “total disability” is defined as your incapacity due to a covered illness or accident, to completely and continuously perform the material and substantial duties of your surgical or medical specialty or primary occupation, provided you are not engaged in any other occupation for pay or profit.

Under the Long-Term Disability coverage if you return to work at another occupation, or resume working in your own occupation on a part-time basis, you may still receive benefits if you have a loss of earnings. Refer to the Residual Disability Benefit provision in the Information Kit.

For an additional cost, you can request to add the "Own Occupation Rider" to your Long-Term Disability coverage which replaces the definition of Total Disability to remove the bold faced text (above) allowing you to return to work in another occupation while receiving Total Disability Benefits. However, if you return to work in the same occupation, you may still be eligible for Residual Benefits. See the Information Kit for details.
Yes. It is required that you are a member when you apply for coverage and that you maintain your membership while insured. Membership is monitored with ACS on a monthly basis. Review your Certificate of Insurance for details.
Absolutely yes! Since this is group insurance, which simply means you are a member of a group/association that offers these coverages, rates are typically less expensive than individual insurance polices. In addition, when the claims experience of the group is favorable, insured members will receive a Premium Credit on their invoice which can reduce rates by 20% to 48% depending on the coverage you are insured under. Please review the Information Kits for details of the current Premium Credits in effect and guaranteed through March 31, 2024. The ACS Insurance program also offers all insureds who qualify a 35% Valuable Package Discount which is calculated from your Net Premium Due after any Premium Credit has been applied.
This is a valuable feature to your ACS Group Insurance portfolio. By selecting at least one Life Product, one Disability Product and one of the Supplemental products underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, you will receive a 35% Discount on your premium due with the Valuable Package Discount.
You can reduce your coverage at any time or apply to increase your benefits any time before you reach the maximum eligibility age (see coverage Information Kit to confirm eligibility age by product). Keep in mind that on the Traditional Term Life, Long-Term Disability and AD&D coverages all reduce beginning at age 65.
ACS members, who reside in the 50 United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada (except Quebec) may be eligible to apply for coverage. You can request coverage for your lawful spouse and your dependent children. Eligibility age varies by coverage and not all ACS Group Insurance is available in all states. Please review the Information Kits for each product's eligibility criteria.
Premiums are based on your age when coverage is issued and will increase when you enter a new age group. Age groups are generally in five-year age bands (35-39, 40-49, 45-49, etc.). However, the premium on the Level Term Life coverages are guaranteed to remain level for the initial 10, 15 or 20 years, depending on which term you choose. Life insurance premiums are also based on your gender and tobacco/nicotine usage.
Your Certificate Number is unique to you and is printed on your bill as well as your Certificate of Insurance and other insurance documentation. Your certificate number should begin with ACSA and then typically follows with your ACS member number.
Example: Certificate Number ACSA01234567.
If you cannot locate your Certificate number, please contact us.
The funds for your payment are debited from your account on the scheduled payment date you chose. Keep in mind that you should always have funds available to cover the payment on that date. If you would like to enroll in electronic funds transfer, please complete and mail the ACH Authorization form. If you elect ACH on your application — those funds are drawn the 15th of the month following the date coverage is approved. You can always request a change to the date funds are drawn or switch to Direct Bill at any time by written request.
Yes. If you intend to pay an amount different from the one shown on your premium statement, we recommend you contact us, stating the reason for the alternate payment amount. Our Customer Care Representative will direct you on how to proceed.
Premium payments can be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly, via bank drafts or direct billing. Monthly payments are only acceptable by bank draft.
Valid payment methods include Pay Online, check, money order and electronic funds transfer. We do not accept credit card payments, or payment by phone.
If you wish to have ACS transfer funds from your checking account automatically, complete and mail an ACH Authorization form.
We only need a signed and dated request, so that we have your authorization to terminate your coverage. Please include your Certificate Number and specify that you wish to cancel your coverage outright. Upon completion, please mail to American College of Surgeons Insurance Program, P.O. Box 153054. Irving, TX 75015-3054. Request for termination should be a present or future date.
All new insureds have a 30-Day Free Look. If you're not completely satisfied with the terms of your Certificate of Insurance, you may return it, without claim, within 30 days. Your coverage will be invalidated, and you will be sent a full refund of any premium paid, no questions asked!