Quality Coverage at Discounted Rates

You can receive a 35% package discount in addition to any premium credits* that may be in effect increasing your savings even more.

Valuable Package Discount
To qualify for this discount, you must be insured in at least one coverage from each of the three product categories:
Group Term Life
  • 10-Year Level Term Life
  • 15-Year Level Term Life
  • 20-Year Level Term Life
  • Traditional Term Life
Group Disability Income
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Office Overhead Expense Disability
Supplemental Group Coverages
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Supplemental Disability (for educational expense obligations)
  • Hospital Indemnity
Once you qualify for the 35% discount, it applies to all ACS coverages underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company from each of the three product categories.
Below are monthly premium examples for a 39-year old male who is in good health and a non-smoker:
Surgeons Insurance Protection Portfolio Benefit Amount Monthly Premium after premium credit** Monthly Premium with 35% Package Discount Monthly Savings from Package Discount
20-Year Level Term  $1,000,000 $41.60 $27.04 $14.56
Long-Term Disability (60-Day Waiting Period) No optional benefit riders $20,000 $193.23 $125.60 $67.63
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $500,000 $29.30 $19.05 $10.25
Total   $264.13 $171.69 $92.44
That’s a savings of $92 a month, $1,109 a year! To find the rates for your age, use the calculator then multiply by 35% to see your savings.

*Premium Credits are determined based on financial performance of each coverage.  When claims experience  is favorable, the ACS awards a premium credit (percent of premium) to each insured under the group policy.  Credits are  not paid in cash, they are applied as a credit to the gross premium due on your premium statement.  The package discount is applied to the net due after any premium credit. Please review the information kits to see the base policy rates for each coverage and use the calculators for additional quotes.

**The 20YT Premium Quoted is an example of the Super-Preferred Rate which is the risk class the majority of non-tobacco using applicants are approved for.  The 20YT and LTD Premiums include the 35% Premium Credit currently in effect and guaranteed through March 31, 2026.


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