Office Overhead Expense Disability Insurance

Why should you consider Office Overhead Expense Disability Insurance?

Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn a living as a surgeon. But what would happen if you were disabled? Disability Insurance helps guarantee that your family and your living expenses are paid. But it is only half of the solution.

ACS Office Overhead Expense Disability Insurance Plan is the other half of the solution, the one seldom considered. What Disability Insurance does for your family and personal expenses, Office Overhead does for your business. It helps ensure that if you are disabled from a covered injury or illness, your office runs, your employees are paid, and your monthly business bills are handled, up to $20,000 per month.

Here is what the ACS Group Office Overhead Expense Disability program can offer you:

  • Monthly benefits up to $20,000
  • Benefits payable for up to 24 months
  • Affordable premium rates

Available exclusively to all ACS members under age 60.

Valuable Package Discount

You can receive a 35% Package Discount in addition to our already competitive rates. To qualify for this discount, you must be insured in at least one plan from each of the three coverage categories:

1. Group Term Life: Level Term Life (10-, 15-, or 20-Year Term) and/or Traditional Term Life
2. Group Disability Income Insurance: Long-Term Disability, Short-Term Disability, and/or Office Overhead Expense Disability
3. Supplemental Group Coverages: Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, and/or Supplemental Disability Insurance (for educational expense obligations)

The discount only applies to qualifying plans underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company.



Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company - Issued under Group Policy Form GMR (In Texas Policy Form: GMR-FACE/G-29002-1).

Underwriting Requirements

All applicants must meet the New York Life underwriting requirements (satisfactory evidence of good health) to qualify. Neither the College nor the Insurance Trust participates in decisions concerning insurability of applicants. The Administrator follows the Insurance Company's medical underwriting guidelines to evaluate enrollment forms. Thus, all final decisions regarding insurability are the sole responsibility of the Insurance Company.

How New York Life obtains information and underwrites your request for insurance: NYL Important Notice

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